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  • Cyfrowe Repozytorium Filmowe is the only digital repository in Poland offering professional management and archiving of digital film prints, starting from their maintenance, through preparation of master prints to distribution.

  • We have been managing the digital reconstruction since 2010.

  • As a digital repository, we provide assistance in archiving and managing of digital film prints of approximately 294 films, which means over 2.5 PB of data and over 225 million archives deposited in our care.

  • Our customers include film studios, film producers, distributors, and media. Right copy in chosen place delivered on time is what matters the most.

  • We are active in places, which have been reached by the digital era.The specialist service that we provide is available globally and is offered on all continents.

Cyfrowe Repozytorium Filmowe (Digital Film Repository) was created in 2010 in response to the needs of the Polish market in the field of professional organization dealing in digital movie remastering as well as management, distribution and archives of digital copies.


The catalogue of Cyfrowe Repozytorium Filmowe (CRF) consists of over 100 digitally re-mastered Polish films, presented among others as part of KINOKLASYKA series. In addition to the classic Polish cinema, CRF's offer includes over 350 fresh both foreign and Polish productions. We have collaborated with the Projekt KinoRP with, among others, Polish Film Institute, National Audiovisual Institute, Polish Filmmakers Association, film studios (Kadr, Tor, Zebra, Studio Filmów Rysunkowych, Studio Miniatur Filmowych), Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych and Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych. In the process of sound and image digital remastering we collaborate with such companies as Chimney, DI Factory, Fixafilm, Soundplace and WFDiF.
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Our task is to co-ordinate all the processes the final result of which are digitally remastered movies. We make sure that the quality of the final products reflects the possibilities offered by technology.


Archiving of digital masters and master copies of movies is our specialty. We not only store copies, we maintain them and successfully manage their distribution.


A digital copy, unlike the traditional prints is not one; but several master copies. We assist our customers in the creation of master copies intended for specific fields of distribution, as well as collaborate in the development of new ones.


In response to the new challenges of the digital distribution we help to deliver right copy for a specific field of distribution.

Area of activity

  • australia
  • izrael
  • francja
  • chiny
  • usa
  • rosja
  • argentyna